Research Ethics and Bioethics

CRB is a multi-disiciplinary group. Here, 34 people from ethics, philosophy, law, economy, medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, social pharmacy, genetics and other fields come together.


Researchers & Teaching Staff

  • Stefan Eriksson, Associate Professor of Research Ethics
    Senior Lecturer in research ethics
  • Kathinka Evers, Professor of Philosophy
  • Elisabeth Furberg, PhD, Philosophy
    Deputy Senior Lecturer in Medical Ethics
  • Sara Holm, PhD, Medical Science, Researcher
  • Heidi C. Howard, PhD, Neuro Genetics, Senior Researcher
  • Anna T. Höglund, Associate Professor of Ethics
    Senior Lecturer in Nursing Ethics and Gender Studies
  • Ulrik Kihlbom, PhD, Philosophy, Senior Lecturer in Medical Ethics
  • Moa Kindström Dahlin, LLD, Researcher
  • Anna-Sara Lind, Associate professor of Public Law
  • Deborah Mascalzoni, PhD, Bioethics, Senior Researcher
  • Jessica Nihlén Fahlquist, PhD, Philosophy (leave of absence)
    Deputy Senior Lecturer in Medical Ethics
  • Karl Persson de Fine Licht, PhD, Philosophy
    Deputy Senior Lecturer in Medical Ethics
  • Jane Reichel, Professor of Administrative Law
  • Lena Ring, Adjunct Professor in Quality of Life Research in Health Care
  • Pär Segerdahl, Associate Professor of Theoretical Philosophy
  • Jorien Veldwijk, PhD, Risk Economics, Researcher
  • Linnea Wickström Östervall, PhD, Economics, Researcher

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