Sociomedical epidemiological research

In this research field the association between the society, health and medical care is studied from a population perspective.The social variation in health and medical care are of special concern. The research includes studies of the mechanisms behind social differences in health, evaluation ofthe impact of the medical care and the society on the health as well as planning and evaluation of programs aiming at preventing ill health among different population groups.

The work includes research, education as well as applied intervention project in collaboration with the Academic hospital in Uppsala and other organisations. The research is multiprofessional, including participation from medical, public health, social and behavioral professionals. A number of projects are beeing performed in a framework of national and international networks. The education is mainly conducted for the subjects Social Medicine and Public Health. The collaboration with the Academic hospital is for example organized through combined employments with the hospital department for psychosocial care and Social Medicine.

The following fields are included in the research:

Quality and equity in Medical care

In this research line we study the effectiveness and equity in medical care and what factors influence this. We develop methods to evaluate the impact of medical care for different population groups. For instance, we study the utilization of medical care in relation to the health care needs as well as the outcome of medical care. Especially, we analyse the health problems that are amenable to medical care and the mechanisms behind social differences in health and care.

The research field also includes studies of the diffusion of innovations and implementation of evidence based medicine as well as the evaluation of the impact oforganizational factors. We use the unique opportunities to analyze Swedish health registers in order to study these kinds of questions.

Collaboration for health

In this research line we study the association between social factors and health and how the collaboration between different actors can be improved. Included in the research line is to develop and evaluate close to practice intervention projects with the objective to improve collaboration. Several projects are performed in association with county councils, municipalities and other organizations. The interventions may often be targeting vulnerable groups, such as immigrants, unemployed and/or persons on long term sick leave. For instance, the projects aims may include to accomplish improvements in health and prerequisites for integration and work. We also study health related factors and health behaviors among children and school pupils.



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