Family Medicine and Preventive Medicine

Family Medicine is the dominating academic branch in Primary Health Care. Moreover, it is the mother speciality for all other non-surgical physician specialities. The content of Family Medicine is reflecting the fact that primary health care is in the health care front line, i.e. the health care facility that patients are expected to consult in the first place when needed.

For this reason Family Medicine research focuses on the most common diseases and illnesses in the population, for instance cardiovascular disease, diabetes, asthma, allergy, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), social insurance medicine (sick-listing and disability retirement), musculo-skeletal disorders, low back pain, tennis elbow, fibromyalgia, pharmacoepidemiology, and the most common infectious diseases. The researchers also teach in the undergraduate curriculum within the medical and nursing programmes. In the research programme the focus is on patient centred research using clinical as well as epidemiological techniques.

Employees (faculty, staff and other members)

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Research group leader:

Per Kristiansson
MD, PhD, Lecturer in Family Medicine

+46 18-471 6308