Health-related quality of life, patient satisfaction and return to work among breast cancer patients – a long-term follow-up study

Background and aim

Increased incidence rates of breast cancer and improvement in the prognosis emphasize the importance of increased knowledge about patient-reported outcomes in cancer care, and how the lives of these women are affected, both in a short and in a long term. The overall aim of the project is to study the short and long term health-related quality of life and satisfaction with care among breast cancer patients. A further aim is to investigate predictors of health-related quality of life and return to work.


The project is based on the Breast Cancer Quality Register in the Uppsala/Örebro Region in central Sweden, and conducted as a population-based cohort study. Within a one-year period (2007-2008), 1,574 women were asked to participate of whom 1,109 (70%) accepted by completing the baseline questionnaire. Participating women receive postal questionnaires at three time points; about 4, 16 and 36 months post-diagnosis. At the 16 months follow-up 980 women completed the questionnaire. The 36 months follow-up will be finalized in September 2011. Questionnaire data are complemented with clinical data obtained from the Breast Cancer Quality Register.


Financed (2007-2013) by the Swedish Society of Oncology via funds from the Swedish Breast Cancer Association; the Uppsala-Örebro Regional Research Council; the Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research; the foundation of Erik, Karin and Gösta Selander; and the Board of the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy at Uppsala University.

The project group

Marie Höyer Lundh (PhD student), Claudia Lampic (supervisor), Karin Nordin (co-supervisor), Birgitta Johansson (co-supervisor), in co-operation with the Regional Oncologic Centre in the Uppsala/Örebro Region and the Karolinska Institute.



Karin Nordin

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