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Health Services Research

The area of Health Services Research studies, evaluates and compares health care systems on a national and international level. The focus lies on aspects such as structures, economy, organization and results of health care systems. Our research analyses and evaluates the current Swedish system, with the aim to increase quality of care and achieve optimal use of resources.

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The Health Service Research group at our departement is indeed interdiciplinary. Both in terms of the theories from various disciplines applied in our research and in terms of the different scientific backgrounds of research members. Here we have diciplines such as medicine, nursing, psychology, bioethics, political science, lingustics and economy represented, and many researchers with long experience in the field. The Health Service Research group participates in several science networks, and also works in close collaboration with clinical practice.

"​Health services research is a multidisciplinary field focused on describing, analyzing and evaluating the organization, function and results of healthcare systems"​

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Group members

The research group consists of around thirty members from different disciplines and scientific fields. Contact details

The group is part of the following research networks:

European Health Policy Group

Norface (network on welfare state futures)

Forum för Health Policy

Normacare (Nordic network on marketisation in eldercare)

Nordic Health Research and Innovation Networks 


Research Group leader:

Ulrika Winblad

Associate Professor, Researcher
+46 18 471 65 63
​+46 70-425 02 52