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Karin Nordin is the new Head of department at Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences, IFV, since July 1st 2017.


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Seminarieprogram 2018


Antagningsseminarium för Eva Hannerz Schmidtke

Moving from ethical guidelines to practical ethical decision making in intensive care units (ICU) - the role of individual doctors.

Tisdag 23 Januari 14.00-16.00

Lokal: B/C8:321


Visiting Address:
BMC, Husargatan 3 (entry A11) Uppsala
Postal address:
Box 564, 751 22 UPPSALA
Fax: 018-471 6675
Billing address foreign suppliers:
Uppsala University
Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences
P.O Box 564
SE-751 22 Uppsala, Sweden
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