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  • Location: Online
  • Lecturer: European Network for Academic Integrity (ENAI) working group for Ethical Publishing and Dissemination, Shivadas Sivasubramaniam & Zeenath Reza Khan, ENAI Academic Integrity Surveys Working Group, Dita Henek Dlabolová & Tomáš Foltýnek
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  • Organiser: Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics & European Netwoek for Academic Integrity (ENAI)
  • Contact person: Sonja Bjelobaba
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ENAI is organizing four lunch webinars during the European Academic Integrity Week (18th–22nd October 2021), one for each day of the week but Wednesday when we would like to encourage everyone to organize academic integrity events at their home institutions.

To support the occasion of the Global Ethics Day 2021 on Wednesday 20 October 2021, ENAI together with Uppsala University's Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics has organised European Academic Integrity Week 2021 (EAIW) which takes place from 18 October to 22 October 2021. European Academic Integrity Week 2021 will be celebrated in the same way as last year: With a series of lunch-time webinars, starting at 12:00 CEST, each lasting 90 minutes. There will be no webinar on Wednesday as this day will be free for your national or institutional activities. The webinars are free and everybody is welcome to register!