Invoice references

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  • Family Medicine 
    Ref: 460ALL
  • Biomedical Ethics 
    Ref: 460ETK
  • Centre for Disability Research 
    Ref: 498
  • Public Health Sciences
    Ref: 460FHV
  • Disability and Habilitation
    Ref: 460HAB
  • Geriatrics
    Ref: 460GET
  • Undergraduate Education
    Ref: 460GRU
  • Health Services Research
    Ref: 460HSF
  • Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism
    Ref: 460KNM
  • Lifestyle and Rehabilitation in long term illness
    Ref: 460LIV
  • Social medicine/CHAP
    Ref: 460SME
  • Sociomedical Epidemiological Research
    Ref: 460SOE
  • Caring Sciences
    Ref: 460VVS
  • General
    Ref: 460STD