Huvudansvarig är Annika Bardel.
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Womens utilisation of pharmaceuticals and Symptom reporting among men and women in Sweden

The purpose of this project was initially to study utilisation of pharmaceuticals among women based on a postal questionnaire sent to 4,200 women in the Uppsala-Örebro region.  
Symptom reporting across age has also been tested in the consort dataset including more than 17,000 observations in men and women 25-99 years old. We found that women reported higher prevalence than men for 24 of 30 symptoms.We also found four patterns increasing, decreasing, stable and biphasic prevalence after multivariate analyses. The symptoms in the various pattern groups differed among men and women. We now intend to move on with further analyses of the consort dataset to examine the relationship between symptom reporting among men and women and their sick-listing, disability pension, survival and use of hospital care.


The area of pharmacoepidemiology is a fairly new branch of epidemiology and is methodologically still in its development phase. Research in this area requires access to high quality health care databases and collaboration with various academic groups in Europe and the US. In 2016 the research collaboration with Centro Español de Investigaçión Farmacoepidemiológica (CEIFE) has continued. The collaboration has resulted in two peer reviewed publications during 2016. The collaboration with the Boston Collaborative Drug Surveillance Program, investigating the risk of mortality in patients with multiple sclerosis, has resulted in one publication in Neurology and another publication is waiting for acceptance. 

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