European Academic Integrity Week: Studentens roll i att höja medvetenhet om integritet och mot kontraktfusk på rätt sätt

Om hur studenter kan ha och har en aktiv roll i att skapa medvetenhet kring integritet och mot kontraktsfusk. Evenemanget hålls på engelska.

For most educators, it is of paramount importance that we are able to instill in our students values of academic integrity, to help students stay away from such misconducts as contract cheating and are able to cultivate a culture of integrity in our classrooms. However, more often our conversation happens "over" and "around" the students - the most important stakeholder of academic integrity. Sure, lack of integrity raises doubts on our quality of teaching, devalues the degrees - but the vast majority of the impact lies at the feet of students, intentional, unintentional and bystanders.

While all students don't cheat or contract cheat, most students are aware of others who have engaged in contracting others to do their work, as silent observers of the act being committed. This often has dire consequences and implications for the bystanders too - from demotivation, to agitation to aggression and sometimes motivation. So what would happen if students were part of the dialogue? What would happen if students played a bigger role in raising the right kind of awareness for integrity and against contract cheating?

This panel discussion with higher education students promises to unfold the possibilities and bring students to the forefront of the conversation to find out how students can and do play a role in actively raising the right kind of awareness towards integrity and against contract cheating