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Quality Improvement for Perinatal care in Nepal – The NePeriQIP project


On June 5th the NePeriQIP (Nepal Perinatal Quality Improvement) project was inaugurated in Kathmandu, Nepal. The project will evaluate a model combining three different implementation strategies: Facilitation, Audit and Feedback, and Training.

The aim of the project is to enhance health workers knowledge and skills on perinatal care, strengthen local capacity and ownership by implementation of routine facilitated Plan-Do-Study-Act cycle meetings and improve documentation, use and visibility of local data. The NePeriQIP model thereby aims improving quality of perinatal care and lower perinatal mortality. In total 12 district hospitals are targeted with a total annual delivery rate of 60,000.

This project is a collaboration between UNICEF, the Ministry of Health in Nepal, Lifeline Nepal, Kamana Health and Uppsala University. Between June 5-11 a training of facilitators was conducted by the following key persons: Ashish KC (UNICEF), Chahana Rana (UNICEF), Amrit Pokhrel (Ministry of Health), Abhishek Gurung (Lifeline Nepal), Dipak Chaulagain (Lifeline Nepal), Leif Eriksson (Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences, Uppsala University), Anna Bergström and Claire LeGrange (Department of Women’s and Children’s Health, Uppsala University). Associate Professor Mats Målqvist (Department of Women’s and Children’s Health, Uppsala University) is the Swedish project leader.