Healthier Wealthier Families (HWF)

Unemployment, illness or a changed family situation. Everyone can have problems with their finances at some point in their lives. Everyone may need the help of a financial advisor sometimes. If your finances have gone from being something you feel stressed about, to being a troublesome problem, there is possibility to get help.

Healthier Wealthier Families (HWF) is a study that includes families with children aged 0-6 years, child care nurses and financial advisers. The project has been tested and implemented successfully in Scotland and will now be tested in Sweden and Australia.

The purpose of HWF is to identify families with children experiencing economic hardship utilising the universal child health services, and link them with the free budget- and debt counselling services. The aim of the project is to initiate a more preventive approach, in order to reduce the number of children living in poverty in Sweden.

For more information on budget and debt advice, watch the video (in Swedish)!

Involved in the project is Professor Anna Sarkadi, Professor Katarina Wijk, Dr. Georgina Warner, PhD. Elin Lampa and PhD student Nina Johansson.

Contact the PhD student Nina Johansson about this study!

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Last modified: 2022-03-29