Research team CHAP - Child Health And Parenting

Our vision is to increase knowledge of parenting support and its implementation through high-quality interdisciplinary research with the aim to increase health and wellbeing of children and parents.

The research team

The research group CHAP is an interdisciplinary research environment focusing on societal interventions to promote the mental health of children and parents.

The group is led by Professor Anna Sarkadi, specialist in public health medicine.
There are currently 19 people in the group with backgrounds in psychology, public health, medicine, health economy, and social-, behavioural-, and nursing science.

We evaluate and support the implementation of programs aimed to promote the mental health of children and parents.

We strive to make CHAP a “go to place” for professionals, policymakers, researchers, students and journalists in the field of child mental health and parenting.

People from the Research Group CHAP on the stairs